Is Customer Satisfied With Cost or Quality

Is Customer Satisfied With Cost or Quality

Customer experience is the customer’s perception of their experience with the organization or brand. Customer experience plays a crucial role in the sales of any product. It determines how good the product was or how good the service was. Sometimes the product quality is up to the mark but the delivery is delayed or the commitment has not been fulfilled, then also the customer’s experience becomes negative or not satisfactory. The reason for setting up a customer experience management team in any organization is because customer experience is basically the practice of forming and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed the expectations of the customers. This ultimately leads to the greater demand of the product due to their satisfaction and loyalty of the customers. The customers, therefore, will buy more products and recommend to others too.

The customer’s perception depends on every single step. Right from searching for the website to purchasing the product, all depends upon how do the organization deal with the customers​.

Why Customer Experience is so important?

Customer Experience is hugely important for any company or organization. The better the customer experience, the more is the demand and sales of the product and the less is the negative feedback of the products, thereby shooting up the mouth publicity. The loyalty of the customers is also raised along with their satisfaction and recommendation. It is a holistic approach to the customer’s physical, mental, social and emotional side.

For any business model to excel, the customer’s​ satisfaction is the first priority and also necessity. All the e-commerce websites work on the same principle. Researches show that customers are most satisfied when they get what they had expected. But even if they don’t get what they had expected, they still can be pacified by explaining the cause of the failed mission. One of the major reason behind losing the customers is poor CX, neither money nor quality.

How does costing affects customers’ experience?

Money plays a very vital role in determining the company sales. For example, if a product costs 5 pounds and the company sells it for 8 pounds, there is a net profit of 3 pounds. But if the customers get the product at the discounted price of 6 pounds, then also the company would make a profit though less but with the customers’​ satisfaction. So the key point is customers tend to deviate towards the products available at a cheaper rate given the fact that there’s no compromise with the quality for that is the first priority of the customers.

Many a time, company focuses solely on the turnover of the product sales or to meet the annual sales report, so it starts to manufacture goods at a lower price compromising with the quality. This forms the intangible relationship with the customers. An urban customer will prefer quality over costing whereas if a rural customer is concerned, the costing may be preferred over quality. Some companies too charge higher as compared to the other companies because they believe in a tangible relationship, more commitment and long-lasting relationships with the customers. For instance, money is not an issue with the UK, as the people there prefer quality over cost. But this can not always be the case. For an instance, one gets a product at a higher price and another gets a similar product with more or less similar features at a lower price, the latter seems to be in the place with profit and hence will stay loyal to his company as he is satisfied with the purchase.

What happens when we get similar features in two different products at varying costs​ ?

When a person gets similar features in two different products, then here the role of trust plays in. If the cost is not an issue then the person will go for the product with trust and commitment.

What role does quality play in the sales of the product?

With the diversity in the products and competition, delivering the best quality product is as necessary as to breathe oxygen. Delivering a good quality product which is as per with or beyond the customer’s expectations is mandatory for maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers besides building a good reputation. Quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk of getting poor customer experience. The company can build a reputation by delivering the products which are accredited by the concerning authorization which follows norms for the standard quality products. If the products are accredited then they automatically become a level up in the customer satisfaction as the customers are assured that a basic and standard quality of the product will be maintained. Now the organizations have to go only a level up in their customer services, representation on the website, on-time delivery and many more.

So the quality of the product is immensely important in maintaining a tangible and long-lasting relationship with the customers.

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