With so many options in the market, what to buy

Why are most of the technology projects a nonsuccess or aborted? It is because either the organization pick up the wrong tools or their delivery is not at par. However, the former seems more appealing and relevant. When we buy a product, we are not looking out for the product, we are looking out for Continue Reading

Is Customer Satisfied With Cost or Quality

Customer experience is the customer’s perception of their experience with the organization or brand. Customer experience plays a crucial role in the sales of any product. It determines how good the product was or how good the service was. Sometimes the product quality is up to the mark but the delivery is delayed or the Continue Reading

Why you need a Field Service Engineer?

In the modern era, automation has changed everything. The advancement in technology has changed the working environment and lifestyle of people in several different ways. The classic machines are developed by human brain. The software is based on hardware of the system and hardware needs a service engineer for its maintenance. Physical devices need physical Continue Reading

History of AR/VR

With the development in technology, everyone is looking out for a variety of options and newer forms of recreation. The application of a scientific approach for inventing new devices is increasing day by day. There have been many attempts in this sector. One such attempt was AR and VR which we come across oftentimes. The Continue Reading

Advantages of IP Phones

Even though humankind has stepped into a digitalized world where people prefer online mode over any other, a reliable phone network is still one of the most basic needs of any business firm or organization. This enables easy access and connection among the employees and subsequently between productivity. A lot of day to day work Continue Reading

Purchase Chromebook for your business, be more competitive

Small businesses have to invest a large amount of money in purchasing Windows and Mac laptops which eventually disrupts their overall budget. Thus, to minimize hardware investment most of the start-ups prefer to purchase Chromebook for their business endeavor. Before you start to invest in a Chromebook it is very important to acknowledge its overall Continue Reading

How Technology is evolving for driverless mobility??

With greater prosperity and improved life experiences of the people positive investments were made for the development of driverless mobility with present technology. The world is a place full of diversity and complexity which must be understood as per the needs of the today’s generation. Many engineers and scientists are passionate to make a difference Continue Reading

Android vs iOS

The great duopoly of mobile operating software by Android and iOS is known as well as used worldwide. There are very fewer chances that you will see any smartphone with any other operating software than these two. There is other reliable mobile operating software like Windows, BlackBerry, etc. but people prefer Android and iOS more. Continue Reading