Augmented and Virtual Reality are changing business learning. Are we ready?

Augmented and Virtual Reality are changing business learning. Are we ready?

What do you mean by Augmented reality?

Augmented reality means superimposing or modifying a Real-world which is viewed by the person. In short, it is the change in the real world environment by using computer graphics and sometimes across multiple sensory modalities which include olfactory, visual, auditory and many more. Such type of technology enhances a person’s perception about World Environment brings out changes in it. We can also call it a combination of both virtual and Real-world environments.

Advantages or uses of Augmented reality

– In medical treatment. For instance, this can be used to cure patients with several disorders such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia and many more. Again this can be used for teaching medical practitioners and students.

– In army training

– In education

– In games and many more

What do you mean by virtual reality?

VR technology is a computer-generated submitted experience that creates a hypothetical 3D world in which a person can experience things and get immersed into. The world looks very real and unlike videos, VR Technology provides real-life experience in a hypothetical world.

Advantages or uses of VR technology

– In education

– In medical treatment

– In army training

– To let the person roam around the world at the comfort of his home.

AR and VR technology in Business learning

Before getting to this point first we need to know what is business learning?

Business learning

Business learning is a method that teaches the skills to the employees and also manages it properly.

AR and VR technology is immensely helpful in Business. In today’s scenario, one needs regular and innovative ideas to implement. AR and VR technologies are such which helps in teaching and learning the essential points of business very easily. All we have to do is mount the AR-VR headset on the head and then play. This will help in teaching the best skills to the employees and get the best out of them that too at low cost. Gone are the days where one had to prepare a presentation and explain it to the fellow members and leave the rest to their imagination. But in AR VR technology, it becomes tremendously easy with fewer efforts and one can imagine and even relate the outcomes of the project very easily.

Business​ learning is an important part of entrepreneurship​. One must learn it adeptly so that it may be implemented​ in the right direction. New inventions and new technologies are an integral part of growth and success. No one wants to grow or work at a monotonous and conventional place, everyone wants something unique and special always to grow and work. AR-VR technology is one such where even boring and dull environment can also be made a fun-loving and interesting. It all depends upon the skill and right direction. This will enhance the work capacity of the employees and as a result, the outcome will also be successful. So for any business to grow, the implementation of new and exciting technology​ should be done so that the employees get a better environment.

The last thing to discuss is that are we ready for such a change?

Off course we are. One should always accept the newer technologies with open arms. Only then we shall be able to grow and rise. Sticking to the conventional and obsolete methods will only result in the same outcome with the same success rate. AR-VR technology will not only help in getting the meeting together but can also be used to test the product and also live with its consequences though virtually in the case of VR and enhanced in the case of AR technology. Summing up to this conversation, we can finally say that AR-VR technology can ultimately prove very useful for the education and management of any business provided it is used in the right direction and in the most useful way.

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