Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS

The great duopoly of mobile operating software by Android and iOS is known as well as used worldwide. There are very fewer chances that you will see any smartphone with any other operating software than these two. There is other reliable mobile operating software like Windows, BlackBerry, etc. but people prefer Android and iOS more. This leaves these two in a tough battle that which one is eventually better. It wouldn’t be possible to answer this question in a few lines because both the software are legends for the smartphone industry, so just check out the differences in their major feature.

The major comparisons between Android and iOS:

Developers – These are developed by two giants of the tech industry i.e. Android is Google’s creation and iOS is Apple’s. Their name is enough to state that how popular these two operating software are. However, iOS is developed by Apple have limited options to be customized as one can only look for Apple’s updates while Google has given a lot of options to customize and android phone’s software which could be based on hardware’s brand or any third party.

Operating devices – Apart from the prices, this is another part where Android wins over iOS. iOS is only available on Apple’s iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV while Android is being used on numerous devices which are not only owned by Google but many other reputed companies in the industry of smartphones. All these smartphone manufacturers use genuine version of Android.

Applications Store – The applications used on both the software can be downloaded from their respective application stores i.e. Play Store for Android apps and App Store for iOS apps. Both of these application stores have more than 2,000,000 apps. A user has to download the applications from their respective play store and that means you can get an android file at App store or iOS file at Play store. However, a less known fact that there are other third party applications stores for Android apps but for iOS applications there is just one.

Maps – Just like the application store, Android and iOS both have their different Maps applications i.e. Google Maps and Apple Maps. The key features of both these applications are almost similar like traffic view, download offline, public transit, book third party rides, etc. But here are few things that make Goggle Maps better than Apple Maps like scale and quality of the map, modes of map, cycling track, etc. The accuracy and reliability of Google Maps is something that Apple Maps cannot surpass.

Voice controlled assistants – Siri is the most famous and efficient voice controlled assistant of the world used in Apple’s iOS devices, while android’s voice assistant is Google Assistant. If you compare these two with their voice commands then iOS is would win the race any day with the smartest voice assistant.

Security – Since iOS is a locked system and hardly there are any open sources through which there would be any threat of viruses, etc, so you can say that iOS devices are super secure with its complicated structure. For the same reason, iOS software hardly notifies the user for any sort of security update. While, if you look at Android then you will find that there would be monthly security updates, software patches and regular malware notifications to keep the device safe from unprotected outer sources.



A straight comparison between these two would never land you at any one answer as both Android and iOS are best in their ways. If you want the best one for you then you can go through the comparison discussed above and estimate it according to your needs and preferences.

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