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About Us

Duftar is a unique combination of Technology, Innovation and Creativity.

At Duftar we always strive to deliver “Magical Experiences” through our services, products and relationships. We understand magic is created using part fact and part fiction and that is what we do here. We leverage experience of already developed solutions and add creativity to deliver solutions which people have never seen before. 

Established in 2016 with first office in London, Duftar has been expanding rapidly across borders. In 2018, Duftar expanded operations in Dublin, Ireland, and in 2019, established business opeations in Berlin, Germany and New Delhi, India.

Duftar has always been a trusted technology solution provider not only with Small and Medium Businesses but also with some of the leading global brands.  Some of the brands using services by Duftar are best 500 companies in the world. The relationship with our clients is more important than business they give us and that is what helps us to improve and develop constantly. 



On Demand Field Service Engineering

Duftar's onsite field engineers are always there to help you with issues and problems related to your machines and infrastructure. Engineers are equipped with all latest aids to help them perform tasks to near perfect level. They are also well trained in customer experience to deliver smooth experience. As the service is on demand, the customer is not tied down to long term annual contracts. It provides them to use different resources for different tasks. The customer get high quality experience as we want to get back to us everytime.

On Demand Development Services

As technology develops, developing a project is becoming more and more user friendly. Different companies and components provide world class solutions and customer support sometimes it may become difficult to integrate different components provided by different components. Our on demand development services helps customers who struggle with integration problems and want to do much of the project themselves. If they get stuck somewhere, on demand development service and be there for some or whatever time they need to assist in development of project.

End 2 End Software Solution

With a team of expert engineers already on hand, Duftar is always ready to take over the hassle to developing technology solutions from you to let you focus on your core business. Whether its website or app development or implementation or customization of large scale ERP systems, Duftar is always prepared to deliver magical solutions that goes beyond expectations. Duftar already has a division dedicated to top end technologies and is currently working on harnessing AI and AR/VR technology.

Digital Marketing Solution

Digital marketing is so wide and at times so complicated that sometimes it becomes too difficult to keep up with the pace of industry. With a diverse group of content writers, graphic designers, SEO specialist, video creators, we run activities in parallel. Since, this is not clubbed as package, you can always pick and choose what you need and when you need. This not only gives flexibilty but also aligns your action to your company's strategy.


Digital Site Visit Register

We heard to the pains of field engineers globally to develop a system which switches them from paper based job sheet to something digital. Most engineers had to rely on printers and had to keep their records secure before they could reach the office to handover/email the copy to their managers.
Our "Digital Site Visit Register" is completely open and free to use. Any engineer can access it via web link and submit record in real time. The customer and the engineer's manager gets a copy as soon as the job sheet is signed and submitted. In short, there is:
Saving on paper.
Saving on printing.
Automatic digital record.
Secure and easy storage.
The link to digital site visit register is here: Click Here

Duftar iTroubleshooter

Duftar's iTroubleshooter has moved the support industry to next level.
The iTroubleshooter moves the human knowledge, intelligence and soul in digital world and uses functional logic to solve common issues. This is our continual development project and starting with IT, the iTroubleshooter has the capability to diversify into different sectors. The itroubleshooter acts as an expert guide and instructor to aid field engineers to solve complex issues. It can also be used by any commom person to act accurately on technical issues. Using iTroubleshooter, engineers have seen,

Reduction in resolution time.
Enhanced efficiency.
Increased customer satisfaction.


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Contact Us

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